Binary Options Economic Calendar

binary options economic calendar


It is no mystery that the world’s financial markets are shaped by intrinsic forces of physical supply and demand which are generally explained in terms of commerce and economics. In this review I will tell you about the Stern Options Economic Calendar, and why it is profitable for you to use it.

What is an economic calendar?

An economic calendar is used by financial market traders to track the occurrence of specific events that have the potential to change the direction of material values in the global financial markets. It is an essentially indispensable practical resource for a successful binary options strategy. The calendar contains the pre-arranged date and precise time of a specific event. Such as the date and time of day in a month when a government agency or department of state releases information and data into the public domain. Binary option traders pay close attention to the announcement linked to the event as there is a high probability that it will affect the direction of the market.

Let’s look at the Stern Options economic calendar in some detail.

calendar 2017


In the snap-shot taken from the Stern Options website shown here from March 1st 2017, you can see the topmost part is divided between the days of the week. Directly under that, you can see the date, the hour and minute for the event. Next, there is a column of flags and the names of the respective national currency. These naturally signify where in the world the event is taking place. The ‘’message’’ column contains a list of titles for the events. The column of red stars are either fully or partially coloured, and the degree of colouration is an indication of the importance or possible ‘impact’ the event could have on the financial markets. Finally, three inter-related columns showing you a numeric indication of statistical perspective for the basic information belonging to the event. Now let’s look at this more closely:

calendar 2017 sub menu

By clicking on the event, a sub-menu opens with more detail about the event. The first event is concerned with the Australian quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures. You can see the red star is fully coloured, indicating its impact is of the highest significance to the financial markets. This sub-menu tells you more about what GDP measures, what it usually affects, and includes a green arrow that represents the difference between the ‘’Previous’’, the ‘’Forecast’’ and the ‘’Actual’’ statistics that come out of the event. In the previous quarter the figure was a negative ‘’-0.5%’’ GDP figure. The experts had forecast a positive ‘’0.7%’’ for GDP. But in the event, the actual figure was better than forecast with a positive 1.1% GDP growth figure. This announcement was made at 02.30 on the clock today.

How do we use the information from the Economic Calendar?

As shown in the example above, a better than forecast Australian quarterly GDP figure means speculators will recognize that the Australian economy is stronger than forecast, and therefore demand for Australian dollars (AUD) will rise. This is the cue for you to act. Now you know the value of the AUD will rise on the financial markets you can be fairly certain that you can make a binary option profit from it. If you click on the ‘’Trade’’ button you can go directly to the Stern Options platform and start to make money from the knowledge you have gained from the calendar.

Binary Option profits from the Stern Options Economic Calendar

As we have seen, an event in the economic calendar has resulted in good news concerning the general strength of the Australian economy, which has further resulted in renewed speculation in the value of the AUD. Now let’s look at how the AUD performed on the financial markets in the aftermath of the event we examined from 02.30 hrs today.

calendar 2017 AUD impact


The graph shows the ratio between the AUD and the USD. In the area high-lighted by the violet rectangle the graph shows a definite rise in the value of the AUD. I have super-imposed a violet coloured rectangle to represent a window of opportunity for the binary options investor. This window covers the time from 02.30 to 03.00. For 15 minutes there was a definite opportunity to make a ‘’Call’’ contract therefore. Moreover, and as the saying goes ‘what goes up must come down’, and in the following 15 minutes the opportunity was definitely there to make a ‘’Put’’ contract. Moreover, there are opportunities to make binary option profits on other currency pairs you could consider in the aftermath of the event, such as: AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF, AUD/NZD, and the AUD/JPY. The latter is particularly interesting because the Australian and Japanese economies are closely related.

calendar 2017 AUD impact Yen


The AUD/JPY graph (see above) shows very clearly that the Australian GDP news has resulted in a sustained rise in the value of the AUD vis-à-vis the Japanese Yen. Therefore you are presented with a continuous opportunity to make profits from binary options on just this one event in the calendar today.

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