Binary Options Winning Formula

winning formula for binary options

Are there any tried and tested binary options trading strategies that you can use when looking at how to trade in binary options, or is everything just guesswork? What’s the winning formula? How do you know who to contact and where to look for assistance in this regard?

In order to understand what a winning formula for making successful trades entails, let us have a look at what binary options trading is, and where to find the support that you require in order trade successfully in binary options.

What is binary options trading?

Binary options trading is also known as digital options trading and consists of choosing between one of two options.   When you trade using the binary options trading vehicle, you are not buying or selling anything, you are placing a sum of your money on a time-limited contract that is concerned with the price movement of an asset (i.e., Stocks; Indices; Currencies; Commodities) within that time limit.   If you decide that the asset’s price will increase within a specified time-frame, then you would place a “call”.   Conversely, if you think that the asset’s price will decrease in the specified time-frame, then you place a “put”. If the price has moved in the direction you have chosen once the time has expired, then you are ‘in the money’ and this means you receive the profit on that contract.   On the other hand, if the price has moved in the opposite direction to your prediction, then you are ‘out of the money’. Contracts are individual, and therefore you don’t need to share any of the profit or loss.

Binary options trading is considered the simplest trading instrument available to access global financial markets, and making a success at it yourself can be achieved if you do your market research properly before placing your trades.  There is a large amount of data available online to inform you on price trends for every individual asset (i.e., Stocks; Indices; Currencies; Commodities) that you are considering trading on, but this is most likely raw data and needs to be interpreted by a specialist financial analyst.  Who do you ask for help interpreting this raw data?

I have chosen to partner with Stern Options for this very reason. Not only do they offer a state of the art online trading platform, and a top-notch education centre, they also offer an excellent customer service team that is available 24/7, 365 days per year to answer any of my questions.  This means that I can trade when it is convenient for me, and moreover, that I can always rely on Stern to help me find the information I need.

It makes sense that you only have access to top quality information if you open an account with them. Stern has a large complement of qualified market watchers and financial analysts whose responsibility it is to make sense of the markets for Stern’s clients.   They are skilled at interpreting the masses of statistical data available into concise, easy-to-understand information so you can make a better informed decision on which way the price of a stock, a commodity, a currency or an index is moving and is likely to move.

Devising a winning formula.

Traders have devised a number of strategies that you can utilize when you are making your own trades.  It is important to have an intimate understanding of each strategy before you try it out, and it is also important to work out which strategies you understand and are comfortable implementing. Leave the strategies alone that you either do not understand, or you cannot easily utilize to make successful trades. What is vital to realize is that you need to make your binary options trading experience your own.   You can, and should as a beginner trader, base your trades on tried and trusted strategies.  However, you do not need to stick to them if they do not work for you.  I am certain that you will start devising your own successful strategies that other beginner traders can use as a starting point when placing their own trades.

Partnering with a successful, registered, reputable broker also needs to be part of your winning formula.  I have spoken at length about my experiences with Stern Options, and why I believe that they are the best broker to sign up with. Nonetheless, what is very important is that your chances of making a success of binary options trading is far greater if you partner with a broker who is dedicated to ensuring that their clients have constant free access to as much help and information as they need in order to grow wealth and trade with a successful formula of information and expertise.

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