Stern Options Customer Support


stern options customer support

One of the best things about Stern Options is their dedication to keeping their clients at ease and assisting with any problems or queries they may have. Simply second-to-none, their 24/7 expert customer service system is guaranteed to find a solution to any problem, no matter how big or small.

A major issue with many trading sites nowadays is their inability to really take customer queries seriously and strive to find a solution as quickly as possible. But, as Stern Options, providing clients with lacklustre service is simply not an option, with every single client being guaranteed to receive bespoke care and advice.

If you’re considering creating an account with Stern Options but aren’t 100% sure whether their customer service is going to fit in line with your expectations, read on and you won’t be disappointed!

24/7 Customer Support Options

As mentioned, Stern Options offer Customer Support that is available round the clock at all hours. Dependent on which contact method best suits your lifestyle and preference, there’s a wide range of options for you to choose from at any time of the day.

Stern Options offer three different email addresses you can contact dependent on what your query is. With these separate addresses corresponding to Customer Support, Compliance or Marketing and Affiliates, you can be guaranteed that your email won’t get lost amongst others and not taken seriously or read. By having separate emails for different query topics, Stern Options guarantees that you’ll receive bespoke advice and help no matter what your question is.

If email doesn’t suit you, you can also use their interactive Live Chat feature or call one of their many numbers corresponding to a range of countries. Again, but having a range of numbers specific to where you’re located, Stern Options Customer Support Staff are guaranteeing that you’ll receive tailored help that will exactly suit where you’re from and the query you have.

Account queries

In addition to any advice or issues you may have with your trading (Stern Options utilises a state-of-the-art trading platform so it’s unlikely you’ll experience any problems, but just in case!), there are also many instant solutions to any other slight glitches you may have.

It is almost guaranteed that everyone active on a website will forget their password at least once; we’ve all done it. But, should you forget your password on a trading site, it can be even more nerve-wracking than usual as your account may be holding a large sum of money ready to withdraw. However, should you forget your password, simply click the ‘forgot password?’ button on the Sign In page and you will immediately be sent an email with a replacement password. In the meantime, if you have reason to be concerned over the welfare of your funds if you can’t remember your password, feel free to contact Stern Options using one of their contact methods and they’ll be happy to assist.

Visit our Deposits and Withdrawals page for more information on deposit/withdrawal methods and account verification.

Expert Advice

Whilst it’s great that Stern Options offer such varied and reliable contact methods for both queries and problems, they also go the extra mile to offer a resource not many other trading sites have. Complete with expert financial advisors and trading enthusiasts, Stern Options offers bespoke and detailed advice that is completely free for anyone who has an account.

Dedicated to assisting all their clients with improving their knowledge and experience within the market, Stern Options’ dedicated account managers and Customer Support experts are always on-hand to give help when needed. They work hand-in-hand with the professional trading e-books and courses on offer here, with their advice perfectly complimenting any resources or materials you choose to be a part of.

In Conclusion

So, whether you’re a newcomer to the Binary Options trading world, or a seasoned trader who’s simply looking for a brand new site to try, Stern Options will offer all the support and help you will ever need to make your trading experience as lucrative and successful as possible. You can read appraisals on the Stern support team, from real traders on our Customer Reviews page.

No matter what your query, whether it be s serious question regarding s deposit you’ve made or a simple query about changing your personal details, the 24/7 customer support network available at Stern Options will always be there to assist to the best of their ability.

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