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Before 2007 when the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) began offering binary options to the public, stock markets around the world were the main venue for anyone who hoped to invest for profit in public issues of share stock. But in that year a combination of changes in the law with high tech innovations in online trading software applications opened the way for binary options, making it possible for everyone to access the stock market.

Difference between Binary Options and Conventional Trading

Let’s consider the differences between binary options investing, and traditional investing in share-stock trading in more practical detail. The core differences we need to consider are:

• How the assets are handled in the investor / broker relationship.
• Risk Factor.
• Profitability.
• Difficulty to learn.

Handling of Assets

For conventional investors, you have to buy a quantity of share-stock and hope to sell them some time later for the profit when the share-stock price has increased on the stock market.

For binary options investors, you don’t have to buy or sell anything. You just hope that you have predicted the direction in which the share-stock price will have moved by the expiry time of the option contract.

Risk Factor

For traditional investors, the amount of profit you will eventually receive is dependent upon how much the share-stock price has increased or decreased. If the price has increased, you will receive the amount invested plus the amount of increased value. If however the price decreases, you will be facing a certain loss. In both cases, you cannot tell before the event exactly how much money you might win or lose.

Binary options investors on the other hand, are not restricted to hoping the share-stock price will rise. We think about which direction the price will move. The binary options investor can choose to invest on prices moving down as well as up. Moreover, we always know precisely how much money they you can win or lose before we place the option contract.


The difference between investing directly in share-stock and binary options investing is very great. Both kinds of investing can yield a profit but in almost every instance the amount is going to be more from binary options. As you can see in the screen shot shown below, the Stern Options platform guarantees profits will at minimum be between 75% and 80%.

Stern options stocks trading

Binary options investing can be much more profitable because it’s based on much higher levels of payout. Furthermore, you will definitely receive your initial amount of investment back. In the example shown here it is $25. Plus a certain percentage of that investment (75% of $25 = $18.75; and 80% of $25 = $20). So the total payout will be $43.75 or $45.

Time Required to Generate Profits

Time is sovereign for binary options. One of the most exciting differences between binary options and conventional share-stock investing is that the binary options investment cycle from beginning to end can be completed in a very short time frame before you receive the profit. The Stern Options platform enables you to choose an option contract for periods from 60 seconds to ten months. Which means, you can generate at least 75% profit income in a matter of minutes, hours, days or months. Whereas with the conventional method the investor must be patient and wait a very long time, perhaps more than a year before the value of share-stock increases high enough for it to be worthwhile waiting before selling.

Difficulty to Learn

Stern Options account holders have 24/7 access to an online binary options trading academy. This is free-to-use, there are no qualifications necessary except the desire to succeed. It stands as a resource that you can refer to at any time. Stern’s academy contains a set of fully comprehensive video demonstration tutorials, study courses for the beginner and for the veteran investor, trading platform tutorials and eBooks. All together, these educational materials will show you how to use Stern’s online trading platform and teach you how to predict price trends accurately

Whereas, if you want to practice conventional investing on share-stock you will need to either purchase a small library of expensive technical books, and or attend college for a year or so before you can become confident to risk investing your capital.

Concluding comments.

The conventional approach to making profits from stock markets is not at all easy, requiring a lot of patience, uncertain risk, and low profitability. What’s more, you will get virtually no help in it.

Whereas, with binary options you only have to predict if the market price of a stock-share (i.e., the value of an asset) will increase or decrease by the expiry of a predetermined time frame. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a very high level of profit. Moreover, by choosing to make your money through Stern Options you will receive the professional support of experts who will give all the help you need absolutely free.

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