Trading Software

stewrn options trading software

The growth of electronic communication networks has led to the development of many kinds of software application that have brought greater efficiency and transparency to financial markets. Software for trading networks mean that it possible for financial enterprises to function outside the stock exchanges. These high tech developments mean it is easier to exploit the financial markets for monetary gain therefore. Binary Options are one of the most exciting innovations to emerge from these high tech trading advances. In this article I shall introduce you to Stern Options trading software.

What is Trading Software?

Trading software are a computer programs which facilitate the creation of internet based trading platforms and their commercial application enable us to trade in financial assets, such as stocks, commodities and currencies. Different brokerage companies have their own brands of course, and therefore not all the trading software available to traders today is capable of achieving the same results.

Benefits of Trading Software

The benefits to be derived from trading signals are really priceless. Binary options investors have come to rely on them in fact, because the information they present to you about the direction, size and periodicity of price movements gives the insight which you need to be able to predict the direction of price movements. Also, having a signal perspective for the size of price ups and downs enables you to judge the timeframe you will prefer for your binary option contract on any given asset.

One of the immediate benefits of these high tech developments is the cost savings they have produced. Stern are able to supply trading software solutions at no cost to you.

Trading Signals.

Computer programs which produce trading signals come in different forms. Stern Options’ own trading platform, for instance, includes many different kinds of these programs to produce trading signals. They use mathematical algorithms which perform calculations, data processing and automated reasoning tasks. Three of the most important ones are called respectively: RSI; MA; and BB signals.

RSI, or Relative Strength Index signals show you the momentum or speed of change for asset price movements up and down. MA, or Moving Average signals show you price trends over different fixed periods of time. BB, or Bollinger Bands signals show you the size of the up/down (i.e., increase/decrease) volatility in price movements. You can see all of these signals and the animated charts and graphs they produce on the Stern trading platform.

What is Automated Trading?

Computers can do a lot of the work that people once did. For example, computerization has led to the development of robotic machines which have become the majority workforce in factory production lines. This kind of automation has emerged in the world’s exchanges and financial markets too, and it is now possible to use software that instructs a computer to do your binary options investing for you automatically. That’s right, you can ask a machine to search the financial markets and actually commit sums of your capital to binary option contracts. We refer to such software programs as trading robots.

A trading robot will do what it is told to do. It will study the three kinds of trading signals described above and arrive at a decision whether or not to make an investment for you. It will decide how much to invest for you based on the maximum and minimum amounts it is programmed to spend. It will also decide for how long or how short a timeframe it will make the contract for you. If you decide to use automated trading like this, you need to discuss it with your broker and together choose the parameters that you will tell the robot to use. For example, you can program the robot never to invest less than $25 or more than $50 on any contract. You set the parameters you prefer. You could program it to invest only on stocks and commodity binary options. You could tell it never to make a contract for less than 1 hour and no more than 6 months.

There is usually no need for you to download and install any software for automated trading. Stern Options uses a trading robot that is fully integrated with their online trading platform.


Trading software provides many advantages for the investor. It can do most of the research and analysis we have to do. Based on the predictive powers that such statistical information represents, trading software can identify the assets with the greatest probable potential for us to make profits in binary options. Stern Options provide a trading signals service for free on their platform. If you want to let the machine do more of the thinking involved in binary options investment, you can instruct a robot with your strategic plan and it will work it for you.

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