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The tools of the trade in binary options investing are many and high tech. If you don’t have access to the proper Trading Tools, your chances of success will be severely compromised. You need the sharpest Trading Tools in the industry. Stern Options equips all of its trading account holders with a set of high tech tools which will make your life as a trader easier and more prosperous. The Stern tool set includes (a) the Trading Platform; (b) Trading Signals; (c) Webinars; and (d) an Economic Calendar. The reader will find information about all of these tools elsewhere on this site.  In this article I want to tell you about trading signals.

What are Trading Signals?

The road to success may not always be clear ahead in life, but in the world of binary options trading the road is clearly signposted. You can only get lost if you ignore the signals. I am talking about ‘binary options trading signals’. The binary options industry is absolutely dependent on fast access to accurate data from the world’s financial markets and other kinds of relevant information.

Trading signals can take different forms but they are derived from automated software that uses mathematical algorithms as an integral feature of the internal data processing systems of the Stern trading platform. The algorithms constantly monitor the movement of asset prices on the world’s markets, and detect the variety of trends in these movements. Trading signals give great advantage, because they basically do most of the analytical work the trader needs to do when seeking the assets which pose the best prospects for your primary concern which is to make profits from price movements. Therefore they are perfect for those who are less experienced in the skills of market analysis.

Where can you find the Trading Signals?

Here is a snap shot of the Stern Options signals service as it appears on the trading platform. In the left-hand picture you can see a tiny monitor in the bottom left-hand corner. When you put the pointer on this tiny monitor the Strategy Advisor menu pops up. You can see that this menu contains three kinds of signals: Relative Strength Index (RSI); Moving Average; and Bollinger Bands.

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RSI: Relative Strength Index signals indicate momentum by comparing the magnitude of gains and losses of the asset value over a given time period. It measures the momentum, in other words the speed, and change of asset price movements.

MA: Moving Average signals indicates trends over different time periods.

 BB: Bollinger Bands indicate volatility. When market volatility is increasing, the space between the bands widens. When market volatility is decreasing, the space between the bands lessens.

When you click on any of these, more information will pop up and this will tell you the most probable outcome for the asset price in time remaining for any given contract. In the example above, you can see that the time remaining is 1 minute 43 seconds. Directly above that you can see the payout on the contract will be 80%. Also, on the base of the graph there is a bar that is part red and part green. This is the ‘Trader’s Choice’ indicator bar. It shows you the current trading activity as a ratio of ‘Call’ vis-a-vis ‘Put’ contracts being placed on any given asset at the moment. The Trader’s Choice indicator is another great signal that shows you a measure of the opinion among all the traders on this asset.

If you are already confused, don’t be. All of Stern Options’ trading account holders are given a free-to-use fully comprehensive training which you can do in your own time. The training academy is located on the Stern website too, so you don’t need to pay for access or download and install anything to become fully equipped with a working knowledge of these signals. All the training is done with videos which demonstrate the practical aspects and eBooks that give you all the theory.

A word of warning here! There are some unscrupulous binary options companies and there are companies who might tell you that you must download their trading signals software. With Stern Options there is no need to download and install anything. Nothing more than email, or online uploading for official documents and withdrawal requests for your profits, should be exchanged between a professional brokerage and the trader.

Concluding Comment

Trading Signals are part of an essential tool-set for successful investing in binary options. These and other forms of information such as charts and news or advice from Stern’s market analysts, combine together to equip you with a state-of-the-art tool-set for identifying market trends and patterns. Thereby making it easy for you to predict price movement and helping you to decide where and when to invest.

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