Trend Analysis 

stern options trend analyses

When you start trading in binary options, you will see that there are several different types of analytical charts and graphs that you will have to read and understand.   Help!   Maybe you don’t know how to read Trend Analysis graphs and charts?   No, but you’ll soon see it’s so simple.

The easiest way to learn how to interpret financial graphs and charts is to partner with somebody who knows about these things.   There are many different online trading companies to choose from, but how many of them actually provide you with a wide-ranging support system in order to help you trade successfully.    The ability to be able to monitor trends in the movement of stocks, commodities, stocks and indices is a basic requirement for success in the financial markets.    Stern Options platform shows charts in real-time on their website for each of the assets on the trading platform.    So you don’t need to make them, they are all ready for you online.

As a binary options trader, you will be using the shape and direction of trend lines to help you recognize patterns and contemplate their future shape (i.e., over a period of minutes; hours; days; months) of the asset prices.    Trend lines show the shape of the sentiment in the market.   If the trend is moving upwards, you instinctively ask, ‘How high can it go and for how long?    If the trend is moving downwards, you ask, ‘How far down can it go and for how long?    In both cases you see a trend and you rely on other information to help you figure out whether the trend will change.    This is relatively simple to be able to do, because Stern Options provides its clients with regular information briefings, also known as Signals, which are sent by email to keep you ahead of the trends.

The availability of educational material and additional help.

It is important to Stern that you learn to interpret the price movement graphs properly.    They want you to trade successfully; thus, in order to help you learn to trade successfully by making the correct decisions, including being able to track the price movement trends of any underlying asset, Stern have configured their online education centre with sufficient didactic and instructive material for you to achieve the skills for successful trading.    It is free-to-use, and it comprises a comprehensive set of video based lectures, ebooks binary options asset trading index, glossary, expiry dates, and FAQ.    Their trading academy comprises of education material for all levels of traders, from the beginner to the advanced trader.    The good news is that the art and science of interpreting graphs and charts are included in all of Stern’s binary options trading courses.    If you have any questions to ask while you are following the training materials, or in any event, any questions about current graphs and charts, then Stern’s customer support centre is ready to help.    It is staffed by highly skilled and knowledgeable analysts who will be able to answer any questions you might have on the nuances of interpreting price movement trends via graphs and charts.    Here’s a screen shot of the menu for the online education centre.

stern free training

Tips and tricks to reading Trend Analysis and Charts.

In the meantime, here are a few tips and tricks on how to read the simplest of charts and graphs.    As stated earlier, there are several different types of analytical graphs and charts.    Once you understand the differences between each type, you will find that one type appeals to your trading methods.    In a nutshell, the essential utility for graphs and charts is to show the price movement of an underlying asset over time. The vertical y-axis consists of a numerical scale representing the price of the asset.    The x-axis, on the other hand, runs horizontally from the left-hand side of the page/screen to the right-hand side of the page/screen, and this variable depicts the date or the time-line of price movements.    One of the beautiful benefits of charts and graphs is that you can refer to the history of each asset and check to see the trend performance for each asset.    You can therefore see what happened, for instance, to the price of gold, oil, Sony shares, Netflix shares, the USD rate against other currencies on any given day.    What’s more you can check and see the trend performance when the US Government makes crucial announcements or when a central bank in some country makes an announcement about interest rates, to see what happens to price trends before and after those kinds of announcements.    Finally, this will then help you determine which way you think that the price will move in a stated timeframe, putting you in the position where you will be able to make successful trades.

Final Thoughts on Trend Analysis

The Stern Options official motto is “professionalism developed over the years, at your service”, and in my experience they certainly live up to it.    How do I know this?    Even though reading analytical graphs and charts can be quite complex in the beginning, I soon got the hang of it. Should you have any questions that you can’t seem to work out yourself, remember to contact the Stern Options’ customer support centre.

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